Radio Planning

Radio Planning

A network plan is never static, as traffic grows and moves, the network design needs to be tweaked. This could include changing the configuration of existing sites, adding new ones to plug coverage holes, or increase capacity or deploying small cells for increased capacity and in-building coverage.

As new technologies – such as LTE – are adopted, they need to be deployed on top of existing networks. Using as much of the existing network infrastructure as possible by co-siting new cells is the only cost-effective way to deploy a new technology. This requires careful radio planning, especially if the technology layers are to compliment each other.

Our radio planning solutions deliver high-performance yet cost-effective network designs through tools, services or a combination of both depending on your requirements.

ASSET is a radio network planning tool providing coverage, capacity, cell parameter and neighbor planning. It is a multi-technology tool allowing GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, small cells and other technologies to be planned in a single project. It can be customized through a range of productivity packs to add additional functionality.

ASSET successfully assists you through the radio planning, deployment and operation stages of your network. With highly accurate coverage predictions you can achieve maximum population coverage and desired network performance with minimum CAPEX, while ensuring all regulatory requirements are met.

Advanced traffic modeling capabilities allow you to plan current and predict future capacity requirements meaning network upgrade plans can be implemented before service degradation affects customers, and only where required. “What-if” scenarios help to plan where to best deploy hardware and how to best use different technologies to meet the data explosion challenge, which is particularly useful for successfully introducing Wi-Fi offloading.


While radio planning is a key activity, a number of other pieces are required for a complete design. Our planning portfolio provides a number of tightly integrated tools to make the entire planning process seamless and efficient.


Due to ever increasing network complexity, radio network design is no longer a standalone business activity. A design tool needs to connect to the wider OSS/BSS eco-system to leverage the vast amounts of valuable data available; ASSET allows seamless and reliable integration to systems.

his data sharing significantly improves radio planning accuracy, business process efficiency and, ultimately, network performance.