The world and the workforce is facing an unprecedented rate of digitization and automation. There are prediction that more than 200 million manpower will need to be retrained in next decade, as a result of new technological innovations. Replacing manpower by automation is not a new surprise when the focus is on artificial intelligent software and robotics fields that is no doubt impacting the previous and current industries.

Our clients use us because we understand technologies by organizing our clients training programs either at the client’s site or the vendor site or at our training headquarter facilities in Dubai UAE.

How do exceed our clients expectations? We simply bring our SMEs to train our delegates on their targeted sessions.

Our training programs are structured to fit most job profiles depending on the career road map you wish to pursue in Information Security.

  • Risk and Compliance/ Audit
  • Digital Forensic Investigations and Media Exploitation
  • Penetration Testing/Vulnerability Assessment
  • Incident Response Team Management
  • Network Operations Centre, Security Architecture
  • Cyber or IT Security Management
  • Security Operations Centre/Intrusion Detection
  • Development – Secure Development